Tuesday, September 3, 2013

 Marisa from New Dress a Day is a woman who has spent years re-designing thrift store finds into wearable pieces.  At about one piece a day, her budget is only $365 a year (aka $1 a day).  I love her quirky "before" photos of her outrageous finds, and the surprising ways she re-invents them.  Once I improve my sewing skills, I might try this out...

These thrift haul videos are making me eager to go thrifting again...  But I need a patient buddy! :(

I like how these girls take more of a current-day approach to vintage and style the pieces for now, instead of going all-out old-school.

ThriftDrifter is my favorite - plus she often includes refashion/upcycle ideas.

This intro from Riannstar gives a good explanation for why you should choose wisely between thrift stores.  Also good explanations for why she chose all her pieces, how she will style them and such.  Her hair and makeup is so pretty!

LaMadelynn's style is super cute and slightly minimalistic.


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