Saturday, September 21, 2013

In Love Rain (watch on Dramafever here), Joon and Hana have to battle love that seems fated, but also forbidden, because of the past link between their parents.

The story (episodes 1-4) starts in the 70's and I didn't find too much to screencap, as I viewed the clothing choices as mainly a means to convey the time period.  So I'll start with episode 5 where the present day begins, and focus on the younger characters with more interesting outfits.

Episode 5:

We're introduced to Suh Joon, who is clearly high fashion, but also high maintenance and pretty vain.  All the details in his outfits definitely win me over though.  In this outfit alone, there's a skull ear cuff, speckled scarf layered over a plain black tee, rainbow drawstrings, fur... but it's not overwhelming.

He is clearly contrasted with Kim Hana, whose attire is entirely cozy and thrown together and somewhat juvenile, but practical.  She's a girlie girl without being dainty.  After a haphazard adventure to see the famed Diamond Snow in Hokkaido, they part ways.

Episode 7 (scenes overlapped between 5 and 6):

Fast forward a few months, and they have both returned to Korea.  What I love is how clearly their style reflects their characters without looking like literal stock characters (e.g. the innocent good girl and the playboy.)  Hana is a botanist with a big heart for those around her, so she wears a lot of florals and soft, comfortable layers.  Joon is a cranky photographer so he always takes risks and keeps things visually interesting and isn't always everyone's cup of tea.  For the majority of the drama, I actually preferred his outfits over hers...

I have a big weakness for outerwear, and I just love how these raincoats pop.  Here, the bright versus dark colors emphasize their clashing personalities.

Episode 8:

A lot happens in this episode.  Hana is convinced to do a photoshoot with Joon, and she only relaxes in front of the camera when she changes into the clothes that inspire her.

The photography assistants always have more wearable menswear choices that guys can take notes from.

Again with the floral details, but in a more sophisticated approach.  This is the first time Joon admits that Hana is pretty.  I really like Joon's drapey vest here - it's normally a very feminine item, but he works it with confidence.

And then... she's back to normal.  Her pieces would all be great, just separately.

Hana goes apartment hunting.  Although her combinations would look a little crazy in real life, I began to quite like her color palette.  The pretty pink and mint pastels are toned down by the cream underlayer.  Also to combat the girliness a bit, she chooses a cargo vest and desert boots.

I love, love this character Sun Ho.  He is the childhood friend of Joon, and the doctor/therapist/listening ear that treats his patients like friends over for tea.  His educated, sweetheart, good-guy personality is reflected in his staple baggy khakis and layered sweaters.  This is one of my favorite looks of his, creativity-wise, throughout the whole drama because of the ombre cardigan and contrast collar plaid shirt.

Episode 9:

  Joon asks Hana out on their first date.  I thought Hana's choice for this occasion was insane - in a bad way.  The combination of chiffon maxi skirt, cardigan, button up to the neck, and oxford shoes, are far too matronly for a date.  Even the details of glitter can't save it.  Perhaps the writers were trying to show how naive she is, but she's not exactly a scaredy-cat either.

I did appreciate the embellishments on Joon's jacket though - I love anything military styled.  But then his pairing with high-top sneakers adds a street vibe.  A bit more of a casual look from him.

Episode 10-14 summary here!


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