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Friday, May 31, 2013

This young woman was hanging out with her friends on top of Mount Royal.  Another take on the big black and white trend.  On her cheek, with eyeliner, she'd written "C'EST MA FETE" which means "It's my party."  What a charming way to spend your birthday!  Her pigtails add to the fun and 'do what I want' girly attitude.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Apparently here in Montreal, you can pick up these bikes anywhere in the city, and return them anywhere there's a designated slot.  So cool!  

I think these girls took a pretty classy approach to biking and site-seeing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sneakers by lea281

1.  Athletic - best sleek, "high-tech," and in deliberate neon colors.

2.  Classic and a little girl-next-door.

3.  Interesting fabrics like chambray and quilt.

4.  High tops take a soft turn.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I visited my first Value Village today.  There was a red and black fit and flare dress I was really tempted on getting because it fit perfectly, was made out of a good weighted cotton, seemed brand new, and was only $15.  However, there were several different dresses from that same brand (eShakti?) which seemed sort of suspicious.  Does VV get their clothes from manufacturers as well as donations?  That's a little weird.

Ultimately, I decided not to get the dress.  Although I loved the cut, something about the red and black made me wonder if I would regret looking a little gothic (or at least, too hard-lined, which isn't my personality) in the future.  Also, the prevalence of the dresses of the same brand made me wonder if I was being tricked somehow.

Toughest decision of the day.

In regards to my question in this previous post:  I like how Goodwill is all priced the same, while Value Village tries to assess the cost more to maximize profit (and even at a mere $15, I wasn't sure if it was worth it.)  Goodwill's items are clearly donation only, whereas VV seemed mixed with some bargains they managed to find for their stock to mark-up a little as well.

However, I did like how VV sorted clothing by size.  It made it easier to go through.  There were also a lot less noticeable defects.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thrifting is slowly becoming my newest area of "fashion study."  Compared to normal retail shopping, it might be considered the true test of creativity and intuition.  I like the challenge of looking past grungy surroundings and a appraising piece for what its true potential is.  When each item is one of a kind, you both have to keep mental focus in the clutter and keep an eye out for shape, size, and wear and tear - none of which are guaranteed.  Once in awhile, you can get lucky.

Here are my finds, all bought within the past year at Goodwill stores in Georgia:

1.  The mini crossover bag is genuine leather, and still in very good condition.  An unfamiliar brand, which I'm totally fine with.  The convenient inner pocket dividers and vintage cuteness sold it for me.

2.  I specifically remember longing for an expensive pale yellow version of this Martin + Osa rain jacket several years ago, when the company was still in business.  Now, I scored it for only a few bucks!  It might be a tad bit big but the look of it is still pretty sleek, and it feels like no one's ever really worn it before.

3.  This Peter Pan collared shirt was luckily hung at the front of the sea of white blouses so it was like it was waiting for me. It also felt crisp and brand new.  The fit is perfect in the shoulders, and has just the right volume in the sleeves and body for a perfect but modern Pierrot feel.

4.  Lastly, this large parka caught my attention right away because of the shock of royal purple lining which can actually still be seen when it's zipped up.  I'm also a sucker for anything army green.  It looks huge, but judging by how it is a size Small, it was probably meant to be so.  I tried it on, and to my happy surprise, it fit really well!  It has an adjustable cinch at the waist, falls to mid-thigh, and doesn't overwhelm my frame.  It reminds me of typical Asian styling - it's flattering because it's oversized.  Magic.

On an interesting side note, both #3 and 4 were from Land's End (a brand which I believe is sold at Sears,) but the labels looked slightly different.  I wonder which one is the older one... probably the parka?
On my last thrift store visit, I curiously found myself wondering whether I could incorporate an embroidered Indian tunic into my wardrobe, and considering literally vintage pieces, such as a midi teal blue blouson dress while imagining how a young girl in those eras, such as my mother, would have felt wearing it. 

Some personal strategies:

-  You have the best luck if you go thrifting in nicer neighborhoods.  Donations trickling down from wealthier households = more brand names, and likely pieces that were worn less, if not at all.

-  Search by feel.  The number of things to look through can give you a headache, so use your sense of touch to catch good quality fabrics.

-  Don't be fooled by sizing.  Juniors, misses and ladies all are sized by different numbers.  Thrift stores don't always sort their clothing this way, so be a good estimator.  

Some questions:

-  Is there a difference between Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, etc?  Are smaller thrift shops with smaller donation pools worth trying?

-  Isn't it amazing that once you strip away the nice displays, trendy music, and strategic organization that you see the bare bones of the clothes?  You see down the road how fabrics will hold up, and how much money items are actually worth.

-  What are some of the better thrift stores in the Seattle area?  I'm planning on visiting the Goodwills in Lynnwood and Bellevue, as well as Second Chance.  I've been to St. Vincent de Paul and only found a belt, but I might give it another try.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sunshine Peony Strapless Dress - JCrew  /  Bracelet - Coach

Sunday, May 12, 2013

As the time is coming where I'll be needing more professional clothes, I realized that I'm missing a lot of the basics.  Some investment pieces I want to look into:

1.  A leather watch.  I've been eyeing this Georgia Three Hand one from Fossil.

2.  A white silk blouse - one that's loose but still hangs well.  It's hard to find them without breast pockets.  I think the Everlane silk blouse with a rounded collar.

3.  Black cigarette pants, preferably a little cropped.

4.  A perfectly tailored sheath dress, such as the cap-sleeve tonal tweed dress from JCrew

Friday, May 10, 2013

I met Madison on the second to last day of finals season.  I was impressed in how she kept put-together and creative with her outfit and hair, even while everyone else was stressing out in sweatpants.  She said dressing nicely helped her study - I imagine it puts you in a more serious state of mind.

I really liked her mix of colors, subtle pattern combination, and cute proportions - none of which compete with each other.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This dress showed me the ever importance of tailoring - I didn't have time to go and take it in at the straps so I had to wear a cami underneath, but it still bulged a bit in the back and I had to adjust myself every once in awhile.  Such little things make big differences.

Sequin scales dress - Bebe  /  Wedges - Seychelles

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I visited SCAD to take pictures with Peter for another of his photography assignments.  There were also a lot of really cool art installments on display that were created by students for various other concentrations and classes as well.  I took pictures of the fashion related ones.  Unfortunately these didn't have plaques with artist credit!


These were actually made out of a papier mache medium of some sort.

I think this is called color theory (and probably pattern theory too).  These two squares were my favorite.

On my visit to Emory's Michael Carlos Museum, I saw some displays which showed some fashion elements.  This was a South American modern textile.

I was amazed by the beautiful intricacy of the ancient jewelry, particularly of the Ancient Romans and Greeks.  I somehow didn't take pictures of the ones with gemstones...  I could totally imagine wearing some of these pieces now.  Imagine how breathtaking they must have been when worn with traditional garments!

The statues also showed beautiful draping and sculptured hairstyles (literally and historically... haha)

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