Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can't believe I didn't post this till now, but this is from my recent trip to Montreal!  My aunt took me to THE IT store in town - 1861.  This is a picture of the St. Laurent boutique (it's a bit bigger than the St. Catherine, with some more selection.)  They were serving pink lemonade and maracons!  Some of the best I've had, mind you.  The music was perfect as well.  I just love cute, carefully curated shops.

Its signature is a pink and black cameo.

 credit: thestylespy

1861's style is vintage, romantic, and feminine, but nothing kitschy (check out their online store here.)  It's like walking into a dream of lace and bows which in my opinion is heavenly.  If only I had a tea party or wedding to go to every other day.  Of course, there are some edgy pieces as well - you can't go without that in a fashion-forward city. 

I thought their marketing strategy was brilliant: they only keep about one of each size per item in stock in each store (one XS, one S, etc.) so the things fly off the shelves, fast.  That also means that you might be out of luck with finding your size on your visit!  However, because they're constantly rolling in new merchandise, it keeps you coming back.  Tricky, tricky.

I actually ended up falling in love with a dress (that I didn't see on my first trip to St. Laurent) at the smaller boutique on St. Catherine, so it might be worth a try to visit both.

If you're ever in Montreal, you need to check out 1861.  I would recommend going early in the morning, because the shops get REALLY busy in the afternoon.  Most boutiques in Montreal close early at around 5 or 6pm at the latest so you need to get a head start on your shopping day anyway.  The sales associates are bilingual, but you can practice your French if you want!


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