Sunday, October 7, 2012

Japanese drama Rich Man, Poor Woman shows a lot of clean, young, comfortable professional clothing that I wouldn't mind wearing in daily life either.  They stay in the pastel range with lots of summery cotton.  While the outfits aren't entire personifications as in other dramas, they are all the more believable.

Sorry for the blurry images, not sure how to get good quality ones without downloading the episode somewhere.

For the most part, Natsui's outfit combination is always loose 3/4 sleeve blouse + full mid-length skirt and the same classic nude bag.  The skirts moved really nicely and the cinched belts highlighted actress Ishihara's small frame.

Close up showing the details of her blouse.

Not sure what this white collar/cuff combination is called - French cuff?  At any rate, as Hyuga matures, so does his wardrobe, which is a nice change.

Pop of custard yellow :)

 Still very soft and girly, but a nice break away from Natsui's usual office attire.  Adorable back bow detailing!

Yatsuoka is one of the more fun characters and his wardrobe reflects his 'sensitive clown' personality.  He grows a lot stronger throughout the drama while still maintaining his integrity and passion for his job.

Love this white lace top (lace, in general, is one of my favorite trends.)  I think the bottom is a subtle peplum also.

 And in the end, I'm glad that they came back together as equals.  Natsui found her courage and independence, and Hyuga found the heart for his creativity and company once more.   I'd definitely recommend this drama!


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