Thursday, October 18, 2012

 On my trip to Malaysia, I got a variety of disposable skin masks from Etude House (a Korean beauty brand).  I use them sparingly - mostly for times like this when my skin gets out of whack.

Today I tried the Red Ginseng one, because I've been having a lot of white heads.

The package reads:  "6-year old red ginseng restores skin strength after being damaged by stress, pollution, debris and weather.  It helps skin to maintain firmness and smoothness."

Looks silly, I know - you better do this when you're alone, or when other girls with you are using one too.

The Red Ginseng felt a little "spicy" at first and feels more like a clarifying mask, whereas the Aloe Vera one I tried was more moisturizing.  It had a distinct, though not unpleasant, smell.  You could tell that it was the true ginseng extract in the serum, not just a bunch of chemicals.  The mask is very "juicy" and lasts 1-2 hours if you want to let it completely dry.  If not, rub the excess on the rest of your body.

Makeup-less and tired >_<  This is the BEFORE: you can see some bumps and redness.

AFTER:  The lighting is a little different, but you can tell that the redness is toned down.  My skin also feels very clean and bright.


I'd recommend masks for nighttime use - because of how long they take to work and also having the serum applied during the time of skin rejuvenation, which is when you sleep.


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