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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A new friend generously invited Jenni and I to the Hawks vs. Knicks basketball game yesterday.  I'm not a big sports fan, but it sounded like it would be a legit match (these are some of the teams that the boys always go on about), so I was excited to see for myself.  Not an opportunity to pass up.

But the big question: what do you wear to a sporting event?!  Basketball has a different... baller (in the cool sense)... feel to it than baseball (laid-back, homey) or tennis (preppy).  I tried googling ideas, and most of the images were of hip-hop wives in stilettos and leather jackets.  That's just not one of my inner persona hehe. 

Here's what I eventually decided on:

Talula lace top - Aritzia  /  Blazer - Martin and Osa
/  Skinny jeans - Abercrombie and Fitch

Didn't see any celebrities sitting in the front row this time.  Lots of women were actually super dressed up though (some Atlanta culture I'm still not used to), in heels and dresses and the whole works.  Lots of good people watching.

Basketball shoes are the coolest shoes from any sport, in my opinion, and all the players' shoes were different.  Apparently the really successful ones have their own shoe designed for them and sold in stores too!

It was a really good game.  The Knicks were really catching up in the last half, but Hawks won 100 to 90.  Maybe it was just because they were doing better that night, but the Hawks had some really creative moves!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a reoccurring dilemma for women - should we dress to impress guys, other girls, or ourselves?  What men prefer on girls is usually never that innovative, and usually can be described with normal adjectives like 'pretty' or 'comfortable.'  Impressing other girls often involves spot-on trend mixing that guys often don't understand or notice, such as ombre hair color, envelope-backed shirts, combat boots and granny-chic. 

But when I dress for myself, it's almost always to fit my mood and my anticipated day.  Whether I look my "best" isn't necessarily a concern.  Today, my maxi dress fit my mood exactly because it allowed me to enjoy the not-too-warm weather, and the wind made the skirt billow around me in a modern romantic way.  Also, Anthropologie's clothes always add in that little special detail which I appreciate.

 Holding Horses maxi dress - Anthropologie  /  Belt - thrifted
/  Sandals - Nine West

Alex is the first stranger I asked to photograph.  The movement of her skirt immediately caught my eye (I wish I could have captured it.)  The long hem usually makes people look odd, but the sky blue of it was amazing, and her entire ensemble made the skirt pulled together.

Finally, I spotted the "fake" Dooley in Asbury Circle during Wonderful Wednesday (you can just barely see him to the left.)  He had Storm Trooper body guards this time, as well as the chickens from before.  Definitely awesome "don't care" outfits.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trusha said that she felt like she had "bro swag" today haha.  The colored jean is a fun way to add a pop of color while staying simple.

 Poppy colored jeans -
Button up shirt - Ralph Lauren
Moccasins - Minnetonka
Sunglasses - WalMart

I tried a quick fishtail braid today.  It might work better if I wave my hair first, but it still turned out pretty well, minus the frizz.

My new Nine West sandals also came in.  I've been looking for a good, not too expensive pair, since my feet get sore pretty easily.  These had the cross-foot and ankle strap support that I need, and they are sturdy without being stiff.  The website described the looping as a "butterfly effect."

Monday, March 26, 2012

My outfit didn't feel very "legit" today, in terms of looking like a believable fashion blogger... so I couldn't bring up the courage to ask people I didn't know today.  Dangit, missed a number of good opportunities hehe.

Claire looked cute today, though.  Her cardigan is an example of tasteful sheer.   Back detailing, like these open buttons, can make a big impact.  There's also a hint of the mixed-pattern trend with the stripes and floral, but it works because it's all soft and clean.

My friend Christina, making a casual statement in tie-dye leggings.  I want her Raybans lol.

Tibetan monks on campus in their ceremonial garb.  This was about as close as I could get.  I loved the brilliant colors and drapery.

Friday, March 23, 2012

So... why start a fashion blog?  I think that our clothing choices can be just as expressive and artistic as any music or food, and I want to capture the glimpses of inspiration that I see around me, whether it be people around campus or those that I see out in the city.

And why "Sidekick"?  Sidekicks are there in the background, but that enables them to notice the little details that might be overlooked.  They support and celebrate successes, or in this case, when someone presents themselves in a special way.  It's a practice that people should embrace more often!

Now, I don't have a fancy camera, and of course I have my "scrub" days where I don't have the time/energy/convenience to dress nicely, but I will say that I take fashion personally.  It's not WHAT you're wearing (such as a high-end label or the latest trend,) so much as the WAY you wear something, such as an unexpected proportion or a brilliant combination of textures.  It can really change your whole demeanor.

Sometimes I'll post my own outfits, but mostly I want to take a picture of YOU!  So don't be afraid to take a little risk and mix pieces or match your mood of the day.  I'll be on the lookout :) 

Here is my first look.  Really simple, but the shirt makes me feel silly - in a good way.

Moustache shirt - Lola by BCBG  /  Violet shorts - GAP  /  Patent flats - Coach

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