Friday, March 23, 2012

So... why start a fashion blog?  I think that our clothing choices can be just as expressive and artistic as any music or food, and I want to capture the glimpses of inspiration that I see around me, whether it be people around campus or those that I see out in the city.

And why "Sidekick"?  Sidekicks are there in the background, but that enables them to notice the little details that might be overlooked.  They support and celebrate successes, or in this case, when someone presents themselves in a special way.  It's a practice that people should embrace more often!

Now, I don't have a fancy camera, and of course I have my "scrub" days where I don't have the time/energy/convenience to dress nicely, but I will say that I take fashion personally.  It's not WHAT you're wearing (such as a high-end label or the latest trend,) so much as the WAY you wear something, such as an unexpected proportion or a brilliant combination of textures.  It can really change your whole demeanor.

Sometimes I'll post my own outfits, but mostly I want to take a picture of YOU!  So don't be afraid to take a little risk and mix pieces or match your mood of the day.  I'll be on the lookout :) 

Here is my first look.  Really simple, but the shirt makes me feel silly - in a good way.

Moustache shirt - Lola by BCBG  /  Violet shorts - GAP  /  Patent flats - Coach


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