Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a reoccurring dilemma for women - should we dress to impress guys, other girls, or ourselves?  What men prefer on girls is usually never that innovative, and usually can be described with normal adjectives like 'pretty' or 'comfortable.'  Impressing other girls often involves spot-on trend mixing that guys often don't understand or notice, such as ombre hair color, envelope-backed shirts, combat boots and granny-chic. 

But when I dress for myself, it's almost always to fit my mood and my anticipated day.  Whether I look my "best" isn't necessarily a concern.  Today, my maxi dress fit my mood exactly because it allowed me to enjoy the not-too-warm weather, and the wind made the skirt billow around me in a modern romantic way.  Also, Anthropologie's clothes always add in that little special detail which I appreciate.

 Holding Horses maxi dress - Anthropologie  /  Belt - thrifted
/  Sandals - Nine West

Alex is the first stranger I asked to photograph.  The movement of her skirt immediately caught my eye (I wish I could have captured it.)  The long hem usually makes people look odd, but the sky blue of it was amazing, and her entire ensemble made the skirt pulled together.

Finally, I spotted the "fake" Dooley in Asbury Circle during Wonderful Wednesday (you can just barely see him to the left.)  He had Storm Trooper body guards this time, as well as the chickens from before.  Definitely awesome "don't care" outfits.


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