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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Since I've been living away from home for the majority of the past 3 years (around some amazing thrift stores, mind you) with a whole other closet to fill, I've accumulated way too many clothes.  Every time I move back it's very clear that I'm stuffing things as efficiently as possible, and still running out of space.  I suppose I don't need 5 different white dresses and 4 grey blazers and 6 different skinny jeans...  Granted, some of it is things I've still kept from high school and even junior high that either I (or my sentimental mom) don't have the heart to throw away.  Sure it's great to have a ton of variety, but it's been equally frustrating with the literal and figurative weight of all these clothes.  I really need to consolidate, especially as I mature and my lifestyle evolves.  So my goal has been to be practical, get rid of pieces that are poorly fitting, that I can't imagine wearing even for fun.  I will save a lot for my younger cousins to eventually inherit but for the most part, a lot must go.

I've been slowly donating to thrift stores and selling through Poshmark and Thredup, revisiting my closet regularly and biting the bullet.  There are a lot of closet clearout videos on Youtube that I play in the background to keep me motivated and objective.  I've been trying to be much more choosy in my thrift purchases - is this in good condition, does it fit right right now or is it worth tailoring, does it make sense in my wardrobe, does it spark my mood when I wear it?  In the future while I'll still go thrifting, I'll also treat myself to higher quality pieces at consignment stores.

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