Friday, March 25, 2016

On my recent trip back to Atlanta, Jenni and I decided to check out the High Museum and there happened to be a new fashion collection - Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion - on display.  Our second that was also totally unplanned (after the Dior exhibit in Seoul)!

Van Herpen is known for her futuristic creations made out of non-traditional materials such as fiberglass and 3D printing!  Still, each piece looked extremely light and moveable and fluid, not pieced together.  Each one of her collections has a complex theme such as "Cabriole," "Voltage," and "Biopiracy," that conjures up even more imagination and self-reflection.

Some of my favorite works:

The skeleton dress from "Escapism"

Water cape from "Crystallization"

From "Voltage"

Also from "Voltage."  This beautifully picked up pieces of light from all angles.

From "Magnetic Motion."  Up close, even more stunning like moving icicles.

Full Magnetic Motion (SS15) runway:


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