Saturday, May 4, 2013

I visited SCAD to take pictures with Peter for another of his photography assignments.  There were also a lot of really cool art installments on display that were created by students for various other concentrations and classes as well.  I took pictures of the fashion related ones.  Unfortunately these didn't have plaques with artist credit!


These were actually made out of a papier mache medium of some sort.

I think this is called color theory (and probably pattern theory too).  These two squares were my favorite.

On my visit to Emory's Michael Carlos Museum, I saw some displays which showed some fashion elements.  This was a South American modern textile.

I was amazed by the beautiful intricacy of the ancient jewelry, particularly of the Ancient Romans and Greeks.  I somehow didn't take pictures of the ones with gemstones...  I could totally imagine wearing some of these pieces now.  Imagine how breathtaking they must have been when worn with traditional garments!

The statues also showed beautiful draping and sculptured hairstyles (literally and historically... haha)


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