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Summary of episodes 5-9 here.

Episode 10:

Mi Ho, Sun Ho's younger sister, frequently models for Joon and his mother's company.  Although she's a bit annoying because she clings to Joon, she's my favorite female style-wise.  She chooses a lot of office-appropriate pieces (blazers, slacks, structured bags, heels) and makes them look creative and wearable on a daily basis.

In this outfit below, I think it is subtly ingenious how she breaks up the long tuxedo blazer with an A-line floral skirt.  But because the skirt's base color is still cream, (even the peek of black tulle matches the lapels in the blazer,) it's cohesive and logical.  As for Sun Ho, this is a decent look of his.  The stripes on the sleeves add interest and he breaks away from his usual with worn red corduroys.

Here, Mi Ho is modeling a Burberry inspired trench coat.  Sorry for the navigation bar - these scenes flashed by really quickly, so it was hard to get a good capture.

Her flirting with Joon is never in a vulgar way but more in a determined puppy kind of way, which I kind of appreciate.  It's different from the usual seductive girl who creates misunderstandings sort of character.  I loved this sweater's pop of cerulean and the blocks of contrasting knits.  The long gold necklace (I have a similar one!) adds her usual touch of glamour.

This outfit of Joon's is one of the rare ones that I wholeheartedly disagreed with.  The soft scarf, the mid-ride heeled boots, the messenger bag, PLUS his already long hair all make him look WAY too feminine.

On the deadline for giving Joon her answer (for whether or not she wants to be in a relationship,) she wears this beautiful lavender cardi/jacket.  It's a step in the right direction.  Unexpectedly, the purple and reddish-pink combination works well together because of the neutrals in between.

Episode 11:

When Joon learns that their parents (his father and Hana's mother) are old lovers who recently found each other again, he goes through a huge bought of anger and guilt.  Choose Hana, or the happiness of their parents?

In terms of style he doesn't seem to change according to his moods all that much.  I like the silk material of his blazer over the casual denim jacket.  You can see that he's still wearing his couple ring, and is debating whether to give it up.

Hana and Sun Ho make a lot more sense as a couple.  They get along extremely well and always go to each other for advice, but alas... she can only think of Joon.  Her tunic outfit here is surprisingly fashion forward.  The outer layer reminds me of a Bottega Veneta look.

And similarly, Joon and Mi Ho more make sense together, as they're both edgy and flirtatious.  We see Mi Ho in the same blazer and skirt formula, but in a risky color blocking combination.

Joon takes Hana out on the town before telling her they should break up...  I think these outfits show a bit how they're influencing each other - Joon has toned down a bit with the excess, and Hana edges it up slightly and wears a moto jacket.

Episode 12:

Mi Ho and her brother are actually the children of Dong Wook (Joon and Hana's parents' college friend), and she gets suspicious when she sees an old picture of a young Yoon Hee, who strikingly resembles Hana.

I loved this outfit so much I had to get two screenshots.  The baroque print is very European, Dolce & Gabbana-esque.  The 3/4 sleeves and cropped length keep it young.  Instead of a pure white neutral she goes for a textured button-up.  The small studded blue bag keeps it from getting too matchy-matchy.

 Tae Sung (Hana's former classmate and crush) comes back to admit his feelings.  His clothing very much tells how he is - reliable, mature, and safe, but safe clothing gets boring.  Hana's marmalade coordination is lovely.

Despite breaking up, they can't seem to forget their feelings.  I like Joon's styling here - it's nautical, but in the athletic scuba direction instead of the typical preppy, yachting sort of shade.

Episode 13:

Still trying to figure their relationship out.  At this point, Hana has just learned that Joon's father is her mother's first love, the one she had been trying to bring back into her mother's life at the beginning of the drama.

I like the knit of her short-sleeved sweater, and that she pairs it with a much more fluid, muted blue maxi skirt compared to her others.  Joon is daring in this vertical stripe that might look like a mix between Waldo and a pirate on some people.

Wannabee rockstar Jeon Seol (on the left) pops into the picture as a sort of off-tangent (but still amusing) character.  He was a friend of Joon and Sun Ho's when they were children, but no one remembers.  His looks are pretty extreme, but his accessories are really interesting.  Everything seems to be doubled up - triangle pendants, chain chokers, and cuffs.  Despite all the hard-edges, he doesn't come off as intimidating in the least because of his goofiness.

 Mi Ho does it again with an interesting power blazer.  Instead of padding, the curved shoulders and winged lapels add appeal.  On-trend oversized clutch, check.  Her bun is almost like tied a bow, too.

Episode 14:

Joon's mother's company held a fashion show at the resort where Hana works at.  I like the variation of pattern with red, white and blue.  If you look closely, there's an interesting romper on the left, and a hip-hop styled graphic pant on the second girl from the right.  Mi Ho's cloud print sweater is adorable.

Of course, Sun Ho comes to support his sister and wears a nice suit.  He can step it up too!  Someone give him some love :(

Episodes 15-18 here!


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