Sunday, September 8, 2013

Even though the season has just started, I was able to get all these on sale!

/  Bag - Olivia + Joy (Macy's) [$60, originally $100]
/  Peplum top - t. barbaton (Aritzia) [$35, originally $110, WIN!]
/  Cigarette slippers - Forever21 [$15, originally $25]

Trends :  

Leather and metal hardware is huge this season.

- Top-handle, flat bags are in as well.  I was about to go with a doctor bag from the same company, but I liked how this was easier to wear on the shoulder because of its shape.  It can also hold papers and such.

- Cigarette slippers (aka smoking/slipper shoes), and any shoes with metal tips, like the shoes I posted from Victoria's Secret.

- Seems like lace and peplums are here to stay for awhile longer.  This one is the most flattering peplum I've ever tried on. 

- Deep reds and blues are some of the more popular colors on the Fall runways.


Because it requires a layer underneath, it allows for a bit of versatility and interest.  It's lightweight enough to go over dresses, and if I add a contrasting layer underneath then the details of the lace really stand out.

This is my first real "lady-like" purse.  It is faux-leather, but it feels similar to genuine leather, and I'm pretty careful with my things so I wouldn't worry about durability.  Perhaps I can go vegan with handbags and save money at the same time.  The dark lining is stain resistant, which is a plus.

I love the little flap(?) that cigarette shoes have.  They add a little menswear touch to normal flats without being outright loafers.


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