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Previous episode summaries: 5-9, 10-14, and 15-18.

Episode 19:

Ever since their parents called off their engagement, Joon and Hana still have to fight against the disapproval of Joon's mother (seriously, she is one of the worst characters I've watched in awhile.)

This was a lovely detail shot of the textures and patterns of their clothing.  Joon's window pane blazer was fresh against different tones of grey, and Hana's soft chiffons and nubby knit work for her because she's young.

Love the flutter sleeves, lace and dainty jewelry.

A bit of a departure for Hana.  The high, Victorian-like neck is sophisticated, and her floral skirt is more streamlined and structured.

Mi Ho's tiny braids and charm necklace here are very cute.  Her oversized blazer is still flattering because the lapels join further down to create a slim triangle shape, and the sharp shoulders balance out the volume on the bottom.  Love the pattern underneath as well.  I just can't criticize Mi Ho, ever.

Sun Ho is looking a lot sharper too!  We've seen this double-wool, raised collar blazer on Joon before, but I think Sun Ho pulls it off just as well.

Episode 20:

The finale, where pretty much every outfit was spot on.

The outfit that Hana is wearing here is actually a dress with a pretty scallop skirt tromp l'oeil effect.  The skinny leather belt ties it together, and coordinates with Joon's belted and pastel look. 

Their styles are becoming more and more similar (though Hana's is the most changed, in my opinion.)  She stays away from those busy textures from before, and chooses voluminous but more figure flattering, womanly looks.  I like how the button placket of this striped top cuts vertically and offsets the horizontal line.  She pairs it with a polka dot skirt, a subtle mixing of prints.  Joon's looks have become a little more masculine, perhaps a reflection of his growing responsibilities and commitments in their relationship.

Hana went to America for two months to take care of her mother, who had to have eye surgery (a side effect of the TB treatment she underwent in the 70's at the very beginning of the story.)  That short stint in America sure changed her.  Personality wise, she's a little more outwardly sassy and confident, and challenges Joon in his place (though gently.)  And style wise, she's a TON more fashionable I don't even know what happened.  It's all still very "her" with the florals and collars and whatnot, but updated and mature and classier.

I loved the layers of scalloped edges of her black-collared shell, and the slim floral blazer.  Black skinny jeans, on-trend bags and arm candy equal cool girl.

Even her overalls are slimmer and flattering, and her sweater is fitted and graphic.  I admit her voluptuous hair adds a lot to how she pulls off the look, but that is a reality with anyone.

Sun Ho is back to his khakis and a little happier, even though he still has some lingering feelings left for Hana. T__T

Our last glimpse of Mi Ho, because she is leaving to model in Paris on her own volition, showing that she's grown up a lot too.  The handkerchief dress here is lovely but still cut very well to emphasize the lines in the print.  A+ style award for Mi Ho.

Of course some things don't change, and Hana tires out from shopping faster than Joon.  Her bag here is gorgeous.  We don't see a lot of black with her.

I realize that shoes haven't really taken the center stage with most of the characters' outfits until this scene.  These strappy, stacked heels are gorgeous and Earth toned, so they still fit Hana's aesthetic.

Joon proposes!  The candles, projection with pictures of their journey, and string lights at the very end were simply but thoughtfully done.  Plus he held it in Hana's beloved garden, which shows that he knows her well.

These are some of the simplest looks to date, but this reflects that they love each other even as their very basic, unadorned selves.

A lovely sheer long top that she half-tucks into her shorts.  The stripes deliberately stand out.

Very similar formulas here - jacket color matches the accent color of the white layer underneath.  At this point, things are pretty much settled for them as one unit.

Then finally... the wedding!  I love the flower appliques on the bodice and her flower crown.  But she keeps it from being too ethereal by choosing deep ruffles and a high-low hemline.  A dress that few people could pull off, I'd say.  Her chunky braid is lovely and balances the strapless bodice.

And Joon's look is kind of retro, but of course we would expect him to take a risk on the biggest day of his life.  I think if he had chosen a normal black tux, it would have clashed too much with Hana's goddess look anyway.


A happy ending to a short but sweet drama, with lots of fashion looks to inspire.


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