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Previous fashion summaries of : episodes 5-9 and 10-14!  As the series went on, I was more and more pleased with the fashion choices, so this post only contains 3 episodes because there was so much to capture.

Episode 15:

At the news of Joon and Hana's parents' engagement, things get more painful for the two leads.  Hana wants to "act like family" for their parents' sake, while Joon can't bear the charade.

Here, Mi Ho's jacquard skirt is gorgeous.  There's a slight metallic shimmer to it.  I like Joon's cleaner look and his big glasses.  Instead of 50/50 black and white (which can look too basic and uniform-like) he goes for 50% black, 40% beige and 10% white.

At a gathering for his father's birthday with "the family," Joon picks a bold red trench.  He certainly doesn't hold back with his fiery words at the meal.

And underneath, he wears this shirt, a hybrid between tie dye and cosmic print.  It works though - the color choice was not messy.  It's a wonder what a difference rolled up sleeves can make.

Episode 16:

It's a continual struggle trying to stay apart.  Eventually Joon and Hana text each other, saying that they miss each other.

Even though Joon's layers here are very simple (no texture or print), he chooses instead to add an interesting cut of ruffles.  Questionable to some, but it's wearable in army green.

Below is one of my favorite looks for Joon in the entire series, hands down.  His paint-splattered trench coat speaks for itself.  The colors are rich and opal-inspired (not simply primary colors.)  I could throw paint at a coat and give it a splotchy effect, but this is designed to create clean vertical lines.  There are small details that I love - a hidden hood, as seen by the zipper on the collar, and epaulets.  Lastly, the jacket is an homage to his father's life as a painter and artist.  Joon himself says that when he met Hana, he understood how his father's love could have been that unforgettable.

The eyelet of Hana's little jacket is lovely as well, and the mandarin neck denim dress counterbalance the preciousness.  Love this back shot.

Episode 17:

Not sure why there are so many modeling scenes with Mi Ho, but I don't mind because they always show gorgeous clothes.  I LOVED this high-low, structured top/tunic.  I wouldn't have thought she could pull it off, but she does amazingly.  The pairing with leather leggings and edgy heeled booties are a nice touch too.

Her hair and makeup - a slicked back ponytail and smokey eyes - were a nice change from her norm.  The grey diamond necklace was an elegant sci-fi inspired addition.

Mi Ho is crying after hearing that Joon and Hana are back together.  Jeon Seol tries to talk some sense into her (and unsuccessfully convince her to set her sights on him instead.)

Like Joon, Mi Ho always pulls off unexpected color combinations - in this case, pale yellow and deep purple.  The floral details in her top and skirt are a nice take on the mixed prints trend.  Jeon Seol goes punk as expected in plaid pants and a distressed denim vest.

Thought the animal print of Joon's sweater was kind of cute, but in an urban pop way.  Reminds me of a certain Clazziquai Project album cover.

As they become more confident in their relationship, their outfits lighten up as well.  Hana is the second to get a hairstyle change.  It's now straightened and more mature.

This is a more obvious shot of Mi Ho's hair change.  It used to be tinted red with blunt bangs.  I think this style is much more elegant.  The sheer pattern of her top and her layered necklace are gorgeous, as always, but still casual.

Sun Ho is the third to change his hair into a sleek asymmetrical cut.  I think it looks good, although he's always rather depressed now...  I laughed out loud at this line:

Joon goes for another take on black and white with this ombre shirt.  Quite cool; it looks like a smoke effect.  Hana is a big fan of Peter Pan collars and is doing a better job at coordinating.


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