Monday, July 1, 2013

1.  Sentimental value

I feel like almost all my purchases in more recent years have been careful and of quality.  Each piece has memories, or at least simply value in terms of what it is (good fabric, cut, etc.)  Considering I still feel sad about the clothes that were lost/stolen in college, I would say I can get pretty attached.

2.  Creativity

If you're creative, you can re-use old pieces in new ways, either through new combinations or re-fashioning (which I will be trying once I get a sewing machine.)  Plus if you take care of them, they won't look too worn or past their prime.

Big reason #3:  Things always come back in style

How I wish my mom had kept her old clothes!  I found some prime examples of items from the 70's/80's that I would still wear now T__T

A dark, oriental floral maxi?  Printed skinny crops?  Mini skater dress with a collar?  Arm candy and nude heels for a date night?!  Freaking...

It might be a bit early to think about, but I want to pass down my clothes to my daughter one day.


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