Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I think I've finally found the skincare product that actually works for me - and it's not even found in the skincare aisle.  I present: evening primrose oil.

I found that my skin took the worst turn during my late teens - it started getting very red and bumpy (whiteheads and trapped sebum being the biggest problem), especially in my T-zone, which made me believe I had some sort of rosacea.  Even though my hormones were supposed to be leveling out around that age, they were getting worse.  Stress from college life didn't help either.  I tried harsh facial exfoliants, oil free creams, redness reducing lotions... all to no avail.  The sebum kept building up, and the redness persisted throughout the day.

In the past, I had inconsistently taken bare amounts of evening primrose oil  as a supplement, but now I am using it every evening in lieu of a night cream.  I don't have before/after pictures, but I can attest that after about only two weeks - even during "that time of the month" - my skin has been so much better.  I no longer have that "flushed" look, and my whiteheads have all but disappeared.  Even when bumps do pop up, they are mild.  My acne scars have begun to soften and fade.  Now, I'm okay with going outside without any sort of skin makeup.  My skin still isn't perfect but it's enough of a turnaround for me to be very happy with the results.  I expect things to only improve.

This bottle was about $15 and is 4 oz.  I only need about 4 drops to cover my face, so this is going to last awhile.  In the end, it's a lot more economical and natural than most creams out there.

Why this method works (my own reasoning):

-  The skin is made up of many layers which have lipid components.  A natural lipid substance (as opposed to manufactured chemicals) will absorb more readily, and incorporate itself better into the bio structures to help skin heal.

-  My skin was over-producing sebum because it was lacking nutrients, and those harsh face washes and creams only made things worse.  Just like healthy hair, a balanced amount of oil in the skin is a sign of health.  The evening primrose oil gives my skin the moisture and nutrients it needs and acts as a protective barrier at night, when the skin does the most turnover.

This table below shows many natural oils that could address your skin issues.  I had some success with sea buckthorn oil in the past, but it can be pricey and smells oddly herb-y.  Some of the 'problem-solving' oils can come in very concentrated forms, so they should be mixed with neutral, fragrance-free moisturizers before being applied.

credit: Glamour


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