Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I thought I'd share this site I found recently.  Humans of New York is run by a man who basically comes up to random people in the street and asks them one question - "What was the happiest moment of your life?",  "What is your favorite thing about the person you're with?",  "If you could give advice to a large group of people, what would it be?", or simply, "What are you doing?"  None of the people have any commonality in terms of his choice (it's not based on streetstyle or a certain age group or subculture), but they always give fascinating answers, or simple truths, and glances of a very humble, human story.  They're sometimes funny or saddening, but all very real.

I'm going to post some (okay, a lot) of the "fashionable" ones here for the sake of theme, but you should definitely check out the rest here.  Click the pictures to go to the original posts.

"We’re late for a wedding."

"It’s difficult for many people to pick a saddest moment, because they’ve had so many sad moments strung together. Same thing with a happiest moment. You can be very happy buying needles or postage stamps, or you can be miserable at a $3,000 gala. It’s not about a place or a time. It’s about a feeling."
"So what decides the feeling, if not place and time?"
"Who you’re with, I suppose."

"We just graduated."
"So what’s the craziest thing you learned in high school?"

"Choose your friends wisely."
"Mind your own business."

"I have time for a social life, but not a personal life."
"What’s the difference between the two?"
"Well, a social life is about going to events to meet acquaintances, for business and things like that."
"And a personal life?"
"… a personal life is when you’re around people who won’t judge you if you get wasted and do stupid things."

I took this photo just a few minutes ago. She was sitting outside of a bar. As I photographed her, she kept inhaling deeply, then exhaling slowly. “Man," I thought, “I’m really annoying this girl." Until…
"What was the saddest moment of your life?"
"Right now."
"What happened?"
"The person I love wants to take a break. He’s still inside."

Seen in The Meatpacking District.

"What’s the hardest part about being a Dad?"
“Probably just realizing that my time with him is going to run out."

She was resting after a dance performance in Washington Square Park. After I took her photo, I began with the interview, but she cut me short. “I’m not good with words,” she said. “That’s why I speak with my body.”

"It was easier than I thought it’d be."


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