Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lately, my mind has been wandering out-of-season towards ankle boots.  Being in Seattle, a pair of leather ankle boots would be perfect for our light rain and yet not too heavy for our mild temperatures.  I had hoped to find some awesome French ones in Montreal, but of course the boutiques wouldn't be selling any in the middle of June.  Then today, I discovered the leather shoe brand Frēda Salvador through Refinery29's feature of co-founder Cristina Palomo Nelson in San Francisco's 30 under 30 up and comers.

Frēda Salvador has everything from sandals to boots in very interesting takes on leather.  The textures vary from matte to polished, and even crocodile and snake.  I really like that the shoes
retain a feminine shape and lightness in their edginess (without being literally "hardcore.")  They would be a great contrast to my generally softer-styled clothes.

"Magic" loafer in black and mauve

They are also coming out with a new Oxford shoe in August.  Love the slightly metallic toes, the nail outlining, and the sneaker-like laces.

Of course, there's a small catch for quality material and design - the price. 

These ankle boots - originally $525 - are on sale... for $315.  T___T  One day, one day.

"Dream" ankle boot in black and green


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