Friday, July 5, 2013

From now on when I travel to another country, I hope to get a magazine as a souvenir.  Domestic magazines can sometimes be boring and repetitive, so it's interesting to see the different styles and contents of other "random" magazines.  I got this Ray issue when I was in Malaysia, and this Clin de l'Oeil from Montreal.

It seems like Ray is originally a Japanese magazine, but apparently they translate it into other languages - thankfully.

Skincare is huge in Asian culture, so I appreciated these detailed instructions.

A U-Kiss (boyband) article.  I lol-ed haha.

They featured four models with mini profiles that you could match yourself with personality and style-wise throughout the spread.

Thankfully, I can read French too.  This Clin de l'Oeil issue was special because it focused on Quebec, so it was very relevant to read while I was there.

Below is Marie-Mai, a successful Quebecoise pop star.  Hopefully one day I'll be able to try the local places she recommended.


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