Friday, November 1, 2013

Sometimes I look at the remnants of my teenage wardrobe and go...

Back then, none of my clothes really communicated well together.  There was no cohesion or theme of any sort, so mixing and creativity was a problem.  With such a selection, you often feel like you have nothing to wear even if it's overflowing.  I was often blinded by brands and sales, even if quality, worth, or even overall style was lacking.  Hence some things that are too big/too small that were bought because they were on sale, and several ill-fitting, boring Hollister pieces that I would have given away already if it weren't for the original price tag...

Yet, I will give myself the credit for being experimental.  I chose some voluminous jackets and pieces in interesting colors.  It's a continual learning experience in how to shop and how to dress.  And because you constantly change, so does your wardrobe.  Even if life might seem in a bit of a rut, the right clothes can slowly prompt you to get out of it.


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