Friday, November 15, 2013

Okay, Blogger isn't letting me post this video so I'll link it:

Tons of textiles and unwanted clothes are tossed each year - it's amazing how much is wasted from the manufacturing process all the way to individual closets in this fast-fashion, hoarding society.  Frankly, I've been sick of "Made in China" being an adage meaning cheap, poorly constructed, and with exploited hands, so it's refreshing to see that this movement is gaining a following in China itself.

Redress is an organization based in Hong Kong with the goal of promoting sustainability in fashion.  From challenging student scholarship competitors to use recycled fashions, to salvaging parts from donated clothes to produce genuinely fashionable quality pieces, they're finding innovative ways to build a solid reputation. "Ecochic" doesn't have to look hippie or patched together anymore.  It can be the new norm.

One reason why I've perhaps shied away from going into the fashion industry is that it can seem so frivolous and destructive and conformative.  But with groups such as this - where my serious passion for the environment in combination with style (that doesn't have to be sacrificed) - I could seriously consider such a path.  Possibly.  There are all sorts of ways to chip in and save the planet, right?

 Sorting through donated clothes and picking things that are made of quality material to reuse.

An EcoChic fashion show.  You wouldn't have known these were recycled, right?

Liora Lasalle, recent competition winner.  She transformed old worker uniforms in a totally new direction.


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