Sunday, July 1, 2012

(OTLO = on the look-out, a new category I will post about now and then)

I definitely have to dress according to my mood and schedule, and that can sometimes fluctuate.  Sometimes, I have sweet/skipping-through-the-fields sort of mornings...

The Peter Pan collar (this one below is a bit of a modified version):

 Though, I'm not sure if I could pull it off in real life?  I might look like a child or a nun.
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Image credit here

The romper:  Though I have yet to find a flattering one!

Image credit: brand CLICK at

Other days, dressing calls for an edgy/take-on-the-city feeling.  Sometimes I forget that I'm turning 21 soon.  Embracing the 20's my way looks kind of like this:

Cut-out shoulder detailing:

Now technically speaking, this shirt covers up a lot.  But there's something about deliberately showing a shoulder that's very... mature, I guess.  It requires confidence.
Image credit: brand Redopin at

 A tough vest:

I always like mixing masculine with feminine.  Vests add a little coverage without too much extra warmth, and if you're lucky they will even come with pockets.

Image credit: brand Jcstyle at

I will be on the look-out this summer!  :)


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