Saturday, July 14, 2012

Burberry sure knows how to market an image.  Gorgeous atmospheres and poignant songs that feel truly loved and "hand crafted" by the artists, just as Burberry puts much thought into their quality designs.  They're not just selling the clothes, they're selling the image (Not that they hadn't already convinced me that a Burberry trench is my dream investment piece.)  Burberry takes pride in their heritage, and I believe these are all British/UK artists.

Acoustic music and British accents, two of my weaknesses.  And honestly, British fashion is probably my favorite, aesthetic-wise.

Here are some of my favorites.  I imagine walking through London on a summer morning just as the sun is coming up:

Life in Film - "Carla"

General Fiasco - "Sinking Ships"

"In the Arms of Another Day" - The Daydream Club

One Night Only - "Long Time Coming"

One Night Only - "Chemistry"

Music ties into one of several perfumes that I've been deliberating on buying:  Burberry "The Beat"


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