Saturday, July 21, 2012

This is bound to be a rather un-glamorous trip, but I'm going to see family, not live it up :)  I packed according to several warnings - heat/humidity, bugs, the countryside and a more modest culture in general, rough clothes-washing/drying, and of course, sun.  My grandma lives around the area where the first Survivor was held, if that gives you any idea XD

For comfort, mobility and family dinners:

Forever 21 and Mossimo butterfly tops, Made for Life and Bozzolo leggings
 (... Plus some old free t-shirts and baggy shorts and other stuff that would be weird to photograph lol)

 For battling mosquitoes and sun:

Limited Too hoodie (it still fits!), Everlast sweat-proof workout top, Fragile Blue Jeans cropped pants

For the beach:

D&Y sunhat, MixIt flip flops, Cazimi onepiece swimsuit, Dockers aviators, Forever 21 midi dress

For country walking:
Mushroom sandals (kind of ugly haha... oh well, I'm not going to kill my joints)


Facial towlettes, sunblock, bugspray, oil-blotting sheets

And just in case (for a nice dinner or city outing):
because you never know who you'll meet ;)

Kimchi and Blue dress - Urban Outfitters

I'll be on hiatus for about two weeks (although I'll put one or two things on queue)!  Hoping to come back with some interesting local fashion shots and lots of memories.


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