Sunday, April 8, 2012

Everyone dresses up so nicely for Easter :)

Stephanie is always very lady-like and vintage.  Here you can see that she dressed her petite frame very well instead of trying something too short or baggy.

I really liked Christie's mix of soft (lace dress, bow headband) and harder pieces (blazer, edgy wedges).  It was all pulled together, clean and easy.

Finally got the type of creeper candid shot that I've been trying for for forever!  Tomi can pull off slacks like no one I've known.  The girls in the back look very nice too.  I particularly like the oxford heels on the left and the striped skirt.

 Yay first boy on the blog!  Peter is brave with his popping accessories.  Kat's yellow dress is sweet and coordinated well.  Yellow is one of my favorite spring colors.  And their glasses match, hehe cute.

 Second Easter picture together! 

White lace dress - JCrew  /  Nude wedges - Seychelles  /  Earrings - Tiffany & Co.
/  Leather cross-body bag (seen a few above) - St. John's Bay

 Oxford's swag team looking sharp.


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