Thursday, February 9, 2017

I've already mentioned my love of Japanese aesthetic in terms of voluminous structure, but these are really great showcases of how it can really be stunning (and yet wearable) in real life.  One of my favorite captured streetstyle looks from my trip to Korea also featured such drama.  

Here are some from Droptokyo:

Name: Kurumi | くるみ
Occupation: Free Model
Tops: HELK
Shoes: Cry.
Accessory: Used
How elegant is this woman?  It takes skilled tailoring to achieve volume like this without looking heavy.

Name: Daiki | ダイキ
Occupation: Hair Stylist (OOO YY)
Jacket: Used
Sweater: UNIQLO
Bottoms: Used
Shoes: VANS
Something as simple as unexpected bagginess (while everything remains crisp) really adds attitude.

Name: SEN | セン
Occupation: Model
Jacket: LOEWE
Shirt: LOEWE
Pants: LOEWE
Shoes: LOEWE

I'm not sure if this counts as volume or just relaxed, but Sen Mitsuji is just good looking so I'll just leave this here anyway ;)

Name: Yuka | ユカ
Occupation: Office Worker
Tops: H&M
Pants: Bershka
Shoes: Balenciaga
Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Whether she works in a creative field or this is her off-day, this is an incredibly bold look!  Definitely not the typical OL-san.


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