Saturday, August 22, 2015

I hate paying for shipping.  It's a perfectly reasonable fee to ask for, but it just always seems to come as a shock when I compare with the original price and what the final charge is.  Furthermore, free shipping almost always has a minimum purchase value that's difficult to meet (then you're forced to buy things just 'cause, to meet the limit).

Lately, I've been finding a way to get free shipping even when only buying one item - go to the store in person and ask the sales associate to place an order for you.  Shipping will be free, and it'll get delivered right to your house!  It's a great option especially if say they don't have the size/color you need, if they run out of the item itself in-store, etc.  I've tried this with both American Eagle and LOFT and so I'm assuming that any major mall stores would be willing to do this for you.

(Of course, this only works if you can access the store in person.  This may or may not be applicable for online exclusive items or online-only sales.)


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