Thursday, June 4, 2015

Leather backpacks have become quite the commodity and it's difficult to find a good sized one for under $200.  One day as I was perusing Twice (an online consignment site similar to ThredUp), I saw this gorgeous one:

(This is how it appeared on Twice)

Since I wasn't familiar the brand very much, I did some research and quickly found The Sak's Youtube site, which surprisingly (and wonderfully) has video reviews for specific bags.  They even had the exact backpack here, which is the 'Mariposa' backpack from Fall 2014.  It was very nice seeing the way it moved and hung on the body in real life, so it convinced me to take the risk to buy it second-hand.  It ended up being an awesome price (definitely less than the original $174), especially since I had 50% off my first purchase as a new Twice customer.

This will be perfect for my upcoming summer trips!  It's lightweight but roomy, and is casual but still luxe-looking.  Best of all, it'll keep my hands free and be easy on my shoulders.

It's a beautiful red wine color in person, and has a bunch of pockets and even a handy key fob.  I also like how the side strap can be adjusted or removed, just in case I wanted to wear it as a shoulder bag.  Lastly, the drawstring closer reminds me of the bucket bag trend that is huge right now.

My only qualm is that the straps seem like they could easily fray, so I'll probably reinforce them with some sort of leather paint/glue.

Looking forward to taking this backpack everywhere this summer!

If you want to try Twice for yourself, use my referral link ( and we will both get $10 off our next purchase.  First-time customers also get 40-50% off their first purchase, no max amount limit as far as I know.


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