Saturday, October 25, 2014

My tastes went a little wacky this time around at Value Village.

The weather is cooling down now, and something about Fall makes me want chunky, warm and fuzzy everything.  Thick, homey knits always remind me of holidays spent baking and drinking hot chocolate outside in the chilly air.

White Stage sweater - $3.99

I know this looks like a grandma sweater (it probably is) but I just thought it was SO cute.  I had gone through all of the usual sections without any luck, then on my way out this caught my eye. 

I always see these types of sweaters come back into style every year at trendy stores and sold for a lot more and often with lesser quality yarn.  The flowers stand out ever so slightly against the oatmeal background, so give great 3D texture.  This one is perfect because it fits like a long tunic/short sweater dress without looking bulky, so I can wear leggings and cute boots with it and still look pulled together.

Rug - $4.99

This is the first home item I've gotten from the thrift store.  It was actually brand new, with tags still on, so there was no worry about sunken kitchen stains.  It's multicolored with hints of metallic thread woven throughout, giving a lot of visual interest.  I desperately need more color in my apartment.

Last but not least, the most questionable purchase of the day... this Little Red Riding Hood-esque cape.

Sweater Bee by Banff Ltd sweater cape - $5.99

First of all, it's bright firetruck red.  It falls all the way to the knees.  It has fringe.  The armholes come out front, making arm positioning a little bit of a conscious process.  I thought it was perfect. 

In addition to those details, I loved the simple silver buttons and the pointelle knitting in front and back.  Plus when I put it on, it just fell over my frame in the loveliest inverted bell-shaped way.  It makes me want to go for a stroll in the woods.  The best clothing items induce a visceral, emotional reaction.

This is what I consider a "truly thrifted" piece - vintage, an unknown/bygone brand, weird, but quality-made and it somehow works if you're willing to take the risk.  (I don't want to go thrifting just for current brands or current looks - then it just feels like a cheaper version of Plato's Closet).


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