Saturday, April 26, 2014

This past month I took basic sewing classes at New York Fashion Academy in Seattle.  Although I've been sewing by myself for awhile, I wanted to see if I was doing things correctly and get a proper foundation in order to learn more complicated techniques by myself later on.  

NYFA was the only place I could find that offered something other than sew-your-own-pajamas sort of classes.  This is a legitimate fashion school, with graduates going on to start their own lines, constructing for different businesses, etc.  It's not like a major university like FIDM or anything, but it has the essentials, which is still pretty great.

I just really like the space.  There's a constant creative, forward-feeling atmosphere from the students as they master their different levels all in one small space.  Plus, it's located in Ballard, which is a pretty quirky and fun neighborhood and adds to the eccentricity.

Sewing I taught me 20 basic techniques, and showed me a lot of things I was doing wrong.  They had us compile a mini binder to reference later. 


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