Saturday, April 13, 2013

At the moment, there are so many different, random pieces on my radar that I need to keep track of them here.

 1.  A jersey slit skirt, preferably on the longer side.

2.  Cigarette slippers.  Some people say that they look like grandma shoes, but they can look cute and modern in new colors and patterns.

3.  These Duro Olowu for JCPenney patterned t-strap wedges (or t-strap anything, really)

4.  Leggings with a built in skirt...  Comes in handy for lazy but streamlined days, and when I don't want to wear a tunic.

5.  Knee high socks.  Think past grunge or elementary school - these can be layered over tights, peek over boots, or be worn with shorter dresses for interesting proportions and a pop of color or texture.


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