Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In relation to this previous post about having to slowly dress more and more like an "adult," I found that I've really liked some of Rose Byrne's more casual looks as ones that I would envision for myself in the next few years.  She always has gorgeous makeup and shiny hair, and is willing to take risks with her red carpet style.

As I've said, I love zipper details.  The boots and blazer add toughness to the minty dress.

One way to pull off full leopard print - in a darker jewel tone.  I really like this side ponytail too - adds a bit of youthfulness.

Covered up but not, a riskier but still tasteful party look than what I'm used to.

Looking strong with defined shoulders and pulled back hair.

This blazer still looks feminine on her.

Image credit: Zimbio and StyleBistro


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