Wednesday, November 21, 2012

credit: M Loves M

Peplums are a really cute trend, but I don't feel like I've been able to pull off the ones I've tried on so far.  They make me look really hip-y... but these ones might work because they're less pronounced:

A|Wear Peplum Top

This top would be great for a nice dinner, but could work for regular days if paired with a denim jacket.

I really like the whimsy of this top.  I would feel like Pierrot in it.  Must wear dark skinny pants with it to balance it out.

This doesn't have the problem of hitting and making a wrong waistline, because it's supposed to be loose.

Picture credit: ASOS


 My orders from ASOS arrived the other day :)  Surprisingly, they're flattering!  Will post full outfit pictures in the future.  (The one on the right is the ASOS Peplum Shirt with Color Blocking).


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