Friday, June 1, 2012

Most fashion blogs have makeup reviews, right?

On my way back from Vancouver we stopped by the Duty Free shop.  I wasn't expecting to find much, but lo-and-behold, hiding at the very bottom of the makeup counter was Estée Lauder DayWear BB cream!  All the rage in Asia, I've been holding out to try Western brands till now.  Since makeup never goes on sale normally, I was happy to get this for about $10 off (original $50, now for $37.)

I got this in color 01 Light, which surprisingly matched my yellow skintone and didn't make me look "ghost-like" as many people have come across with BB creams.  My webcam isn't that clear (but my self-taking camera skills are horrid) so here you go.

1.  It offers coverage like that of a foundation.  There are some tiny spots where you can tell it's there, but otherwise my skin looks very natural and clean, maybe like I had put some powder at most.  I have a problem with redness, and I don't notice it anymore.  The SPF 35 is also a plus - always use sun protection!

2.  When first applying, I had to buff up a flaky patch and go over it again, but otherwise went on smooth.  About five hours since I've put it on, and it still feels like I pretty much don't have anything on my face!  Seriously, no oiliness or caking, and no rub off.

3.  I might have imagined a slight cucumber/melon smell when I put it on, but otherwise there's no scent to interfere with perfume or anything else.

4.  Some BB cream reviews also complain of oxidation, where after a few hours it turns orange, but mine did not change color. 

Overall, I'm very happy with this Estée Lauder product.  I have yet to test it against in more strenuous situations, but I'd say this is a keeper.  The only thing I wish is that it were all natural, like my preferred Tarte or BareMinerals cosmetics.  But I'll definitely use this for special days.


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